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Preschool & Daycare

Kids learn quickly and easily on our "balance bikes" and bike trail. With no pedals, their feet are on the ground, walking the bike while they learn balance.  Later on, riding a regular bike is already second nature.


Sportsmanship, coordination, socialization, group dynamics are learned in addition to physical development through basic sports

and play in our sports area.


Safe outdoor play accelerates both physical and social development.  Children improve coordination, balance, manual dexterity as well as sharing, teamwork, and cooperation in a variety of outdoor play-learning activities.  Our facilities are designed to enhance this development in a safe, completely enclosed area under constant supervision.  

The Early Years Outdoor Facilities


Children enjoy time to create and explore their own worlds while getting exercise in the fresh air on the play structure on rubber safety tan-bark, the play race track & more.

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