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Preschool & Daycare

Your child will gain the skills and knowledge that are ideal for their age and level of development. This often includes Alphabet Recognition, Basic Word Building, Sentence Structure, Numbers Recognition, Colors, Shapes, Problem Solving, Coordination, Socialization, Cooperation and more.  We also use the award winning Preschool Prep Co Curriculum. Coaching on learning devices such as Leap-Frogs and others provides a gentle approach to familiarize kids with technology, while improving their primary skills.


The Early Years Preschool Experience

Regular artistic creativity stimulates mental development in areas of the brain associated with intelligence. We devote an area to this and we help Children with many kinds of art.



Having quiet time to focus on reading, a teacher to work with kids of each age group and each individual allows each child to learn at his/her personal best speed.

Children learn best when fully engaged. Our program includes award winning educational videos and tools from Preschool Prep Co that develop alphabet and number recognition, as well as word building & reading skills.


Building Blocks, Puzzles, & Games develop life-long cognitive reasoning & problem solving abilities. We provide an area dedicated to developing these skills.


Encouraging children to express their

creativity through dramatic & imaginative play also helps develop their language, social, and self-regulation skills.

Safe, fun, science experiments, visits from the tooth fairy with instruction on tooth care, and many other fun and engaging events keep children stimulated and engaged in learning.


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