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Discover The Keys To Learning.

Preparing your child for school with an outstanding preschool education will motivate them for a lifetime of learning.

Early child education helps kids develop life skills and struggle less later in school. Our facilities include learning areas for Reading, Art, Music, Early Development & More…

Physical education is vital to developing the body, mind and social interaction skills.

Your child will learn sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, cooperation, as well have access to a large play structure (rubber bark), bike trail, sports area, play race track, all in an enclosed area.  More…

Interacting with nature and small animals helps children develop an understanding of the world & empathy for the creatures in it.

The children incubate chicken, duck & quail eggs during the summer & care for them. They raise lizards, preying mantis & release swarms of lady bugs in season.  More…

About Us

A Premium Preschool Education In A

Loving Family Day Care Environment

“At Early Years Care & Learning we believe young children learn more effectively in a smaller more attentive environment. Providing a safe & nurturing environment to grow & learn is our top priority.”

~ Kim Wright,  CA Certified Master Preschool Teacher




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2 Weeks To 6 Years Old

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